Class for This Week – 1st Dec “Motivating Students”


Hi Folks

I hope you have been working on your “SP Student” assignment. Okay, this week, we will take it a bit slow

We will be looking at “Motivating Students”.

To access the workshop, please do:

  1. Log into Blackboard. You must do this (
  2. Copy and paste the following 

Go through the stuff. Have a great week ahead


Class For This Week 24th Nov. The SP Student


Hi Folks

I hope you have had a chance to claim your FB@Work account. I will be sending a test mail soon.

Okay the online session for this week is one of our more exciting workshops because you need to get out of the office and do some “research’!

This week’s session will help you solve the question “How Well Do You Know” our students? You will need to submit the requirements by the 8th of December and this requirements will also need to go into your portfolio.

Okay s what do you need to do? Please click the link below to download the PPT instruction file.

Have fun!



Class For the Week – Giving Effective Feedback 17th Nov 2016


Hi Folks

I hope school has been treating you well. Here’s class for the week

This week’s class is on “Giving Effective Feedback”.

There is enough research to show that Giving Good Feedback (and assuming that students accept the feedback and ACT on it) that it is the single most important factor in improving student learning by leaps and bounds. Okay so this week, we will be looking at how to give good and effective feedback.

To access the workshop,

Step 1 – Log into Blackboard at *You must do this step.

Step 2 – Copy and paste the following link to access the workshop

As usual, let me know if you need help.

Class for the week – 10th Nov 2016 “Using Feedback for Teaching and Learning”

Hi folks

I hope you have had a chance to register for your Facebook@Work account. I am assuming that if there’s no one who contacts me with any issues, we will be moving this to FB.

Anyway, this week, the online workshop is on “Using Feedback for Teaching and Learning”.

To access the workshop, please do the following:

Step 1 – Log into Blackboard at

Step 2 – Copy and paste the following link 

Let me know if there are issues

Important Information for This Week – Please Read Carefully


Hi Folks

I hope you are enjoying the Deepavali Festivities!

Okay, this will be a slightly longer email so please bear with me.

First some admin details

  1. Welcome to SP Aaron and Chee Seng! You are slightly off sync with the weekly online workshops, but dont worry, since they are online, you can catch up.

2. Here’s the CT Schedule for all of you from now till 2017. This is so that you can keep track of what you need to do.

Link –

3. As you all already know, SP has launched FB@Work. I hope you have signed up for it and activated your account. Personally, I feel it is more user friendly and we can communicate easily using that platform rather than using this Educator platform where communication is limited. SO, I will be setting up a group for CT participants so that we can communicate and share stuff easily. So can I please urge you to set up your FB@Work account asap as I will be soon decomissioning this site. Look out for the email that says “onepublicservice” in your SP email. Let me know if you cant find it.

Okay enough of admin. This week, we will be continuing the Assessment series and we will be looking at “Performance Based Assessment”. Do go through the workshop carefully as part of your portfolio submission, you need to design a performance based assessment and the accompanying rubrics. As usual, let me know if you have an issue. I’m here to help!

Here’s the workshop link –

Have a great week ahead folks!

Class for This Week – 24th October (Assessment Methods)


Hi Folks

Today we continue with the Assessment Series for CT.

This week we look at Assessment Methods

Please click the link below

Link – 

Important Information Please Read Carefully – 1st September 2016

Hi Folks

Here’s some important info before the start of the holidays

For those that came on October 2015

I think I’ll give you all more time to get your portfolio in order so we wont have the presentation of the portfolio on those dates. What I would like to propose is for you to work with your supervisors to get your portfolio done and for them to clear it first. So please do that. I need to let you all know that we need to get this done because your portfolio is key to finishing the CT course and also so that your PB will not be affected come March. So please work with your supervisor to get the portfolio done.

For those who came AFTER October 2015

Please take note that you need to do the”Using Technology Class for Teaching and Learning” come September 13th. Having said that. Some of you have told me that you are down for the Affective Educator classes. So this is what we will do. We will do it ONLINE. By the end of this week, I will be sending you detailed instructions on what you need to do. If you dont get anything from me by Fri, please email me.



Info for the Week – Read Carefully


Hi Folks

Here’s info for the week

For those who came in October 2015

I hope you are collating your portfolios and are ready to present it. Do let me know if you feel you cannot present it on the week of the 13th of Sept.

For those who came AFTER October 2015

Okay, the next thing that you guys have to work on is the “Using Technology for Teaching and Learning” Workshop which is scheduled for 13th-17th of Sept. I understand that some people have problems attending this dates

Can you please let me know if you have issues?



Class For This Week


Hi Folks

Please take note

Those Who Came in on October 2015

You should be compiling Your Portfolio and Completing your observations. Let me know if you have issues. Target submission is by the second week of September. I need to know if you have issues so that I can help you

Those Who Came After October 2015

Your final installment of the case learning series is on “Facilitating Cases”. Please click the link below to access the workshop

Let me know if you need help on anything. Take care folks


Class This Week – 11th August



Hi Folks

For Those That Came In October 2015

The graduation is scheduled for late Sept and I would like for you to clear your portfolios by 2nd week of Sept which is a month away. So get in touch with your Supervisors please to do your observations etc

For Those that Came in AFTER October 2015

Okay, this week is a continuation of your Case method series. This week we will talk about writing cases ans what to look out for.

Here’s the link –

Have a Good Week! and Happy National Day!