Video on POEMS

Here’s another in-housed produced video for Design Thinking. This tool called POEMS is useful for making good observations as well as during brainstorming sessions for ideas. Enjoy!

Video on Conducting Good Interviews

As part of the Design Thinking process, students are required to understand their users better so in-depth  interviews are usually conducted. Here’s our in-housed produced teaching video on Conducting a Successful Interview. Enjoy!

In-house Produced Videos to Teach/Learn Design Thinking – SPICE Tool

As of late, EDU has been working closely with the SIP team from CASS to produce a series of videos to teach some of the Design Thinking tools. There are in fact a lot of video tools in the Internet but ours is contextualised to our local context which makes it easy for students to understand. Here’s one of the videos developed to teach a tool name SPICE.

‘Quick & Dirty’ Prototype work!: Google Glass

How long does it take to prototype the experience of Google Glass? 1 day! Another lesson on ‘Quick & Dirty’ prototype.

TEDxStanford – A Crash Course in Creativity

Listen to Ms Tina Seelig as she shared with us her Innovation Engine on creativity.

Tina Seelig’s Innovation Engine


Ideation and Brainstorming

A video from IDEO describing the brainstorming and prototyping process in Design Thinking.


The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer, IDEO, on the importance of asking the right questions.


The Design Process from Start to Finish

Watch this video from the Danish Design Center as it shows the design thinking process to answer a design challenge of “How do we convince teenagers to recycle?” See what their design process encompasses and how it takes place. Click on the image below to view their video at their website.



Another interesting tool to explore with your students. It’ called the POPPLET. It is a platform where you can mindmap your thoughts, ideas into text, images, videos, link and share them simulanteously with your friends who are fellow popplers. Appears rather stable when 5 of us used it in a collaboratively session in EDU. It is easy to use and spot a interface which will appeal to your students. Worth a try definitely. Sign up for an account at

SP is CDIO Regional Centre for Asia

During the most recent International CDIO conference in Montreal, it has been agreed that SP will be CDIO Regional Centre for Asia. This is of great significance to SP as it provides an endorsement and recognition of the work done. The regional leadership will allow us to form deeper relationships with the other asian collaborators with the common goal of making engineering education more meaningful for our students.

View the updated timeline of Singapore Polytechnic’s CDIO Implementation on Dipity.

If you are interested in creating a simillar Timeline like this, you can check out the website It is an interesting application which allows users 4 different ways to view the timeline. You may view the content as a timeline, flipbook, by list or by maps. If you want a simplier timeline, you can try instead.